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PA Senate Passes Royalty Check Stub Legislation

This morning the Senate passed Gene Yaw’s SB 259.  It has been referred to the House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee.


SB259 (Yaw) This legislation would require companies producing natural gas to show on each check stub, attachment to a payment form, or other remittance advice:

• A name, number, or combination of name and number that identifies the lease, property, unit or well or wells for which payment is being made;
• the county in which the lease, property or well is located;
• the month and year of gas production;
• total of barrels of crude oil or number of MCF of gas or volume of natural gas liquids sold;
• price received per barrel, MCF or gallon;
• total amount of severance and other production taxes and other deductions permitted under the lease, with the exception of the windfall profit tax;
• the net value of total sales after deductions;                          
• the owners’ interest in sales from the lease, property, or well expressed as a decimal or fraction;
• interest owners’ share of the total value of sales prior to deductions;
• interest owners’ share of the sales value less the interest owners’ share of taxes and deductions; and
• contact information, including an address and telephone number.


Below is a link to the bill.

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