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Marcellus Shale lawmakers’ bill would guarantee 12 percent drilling royalty

A contingent of lawmakers whose districts cover the Marcellus Shale region has reintroduced legislation to provide the minimally guaranteed royalty to natural gas lease holders.

State Rep. Garth Everett, R-Muncy, said he believed House Bill 1391 stands a better chance of passage than the more broadly written legislation introduced in 2013.

Everett Wednesday said his proposal, supported by nearly 40 legislators from both parties, is “tightly focused on the minimum one-eighth royalty” or 12-percent cut lease holders are supposed to received for natural gas drilled on their property. Among the supporters were state Reps. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, Sandra Major, R-Bridgewater Township, Wyoming County and Tina Pickett, R-Towanda, Bradford County.

The gas industry put up a fight last time, lobbying against the legislation, but that might change, Everett said.

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